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Pasos a seguir para que las juntas de trabajo sean más eficientes

In the meetings many conversations remain unfinished and the lack of agreements causes that they are not effective and successful, causing additional meetings that represent hours invested in an inappropriate way, affecting the company and its collaborators.

Due to this situation, here are the steps to follow to have an efficient assembly:

Define a goal

People tend to ramble on the boards , taking advantage of any word that is mentioned to deal with other issues that have nothing to do with the subject and purpose of the meeting, causing the loss of productive time.

To avoid this, to parking lot is recommended , that is, to note on a flipchart as to those issues that arise in the meeting, but that do not have to do with the objective of the same.

This allows you to return to the main topic and if the additional topics that you have presented, you can schedule a meeting to resolve them in particular.

Assign a timekeeper

A timekeeper is a person who manages the time and avoids deviating the central theme of the meeting.

Experts suggest that someone make the annotations in the parking lot , so that it leads the attendees to the original theme of the meeting.

Drafting a minute

It is important to assign a person in charge of carrying out after the meeting based on the agreements that have been established under the following parameters:

  • Who will do what
  • When
  • How the corresponding follow-up will be given

In addition, it is important to select very well the people summoned to the meeting, that is, to whom the issue is addressed to them directly; it must be taken into account that they are not necessarily the highest level collaborators within the company .

Additionally, technological tools allow having virtual meetings so that distance does not become another problem.

With information from Forbes

Photo: Pixabay

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