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Legal Rap

Legal Rap


Yo, listen up, I got the scoop

Legal advice, I got the troop

From DH Legal to HKM Law Firm

They’ll help you out, no need to squirm

Need a contract, for painting walls?

Check out the sample painting contract template, it’s a legal call

Applying to colleges, like Case Western?

Know the requirements, don’t be perplexed

Heading to Fiji, know the laws

Abortion is a sensitive cause

Leasing a place in Georgia, need a blank lease agreement?

Download it free, no need to lament

Blank Georgia lease agreement, that’s the name

Christmas time, are courts open?

Check the hours, don’t be hopin’

Are courts open over Christmas, find the answer

Shimla Agreement, what is it about?

Legal implications, let it all out

Driving in Columbia Valley, know the road conditions

Stay updated, avoid renditions

Columbia Valley road conditions, for your information

Have a kid, need to know legal car seat age?

Keep them safe, like turning the page

Legal car seat age, that’s the key